Why Lord Shiva Worshipped In The Form Of Lingam?


What is Shiva Lingam or Shivling ?

In Hinduism shiva lingam(Shivling) is a symbol that represents Lord Shiva.Shiva is considered as the most powerful deity in Hinduism. Temples are built in his honor including a  shiva lingam(Shivling)  ,which represents all the energies in the world and beyond. There is no origin of form that can be associated with Shiva. Humans need a symbol to worship Shiva, so the Lingam was created ling means symbol, for example if someone used a stethoscope it could identify that person is a doctor.Lingam is just a symbol to identify something.This symbol we call shiva lingam(Shivling) has a scientific explanation.

Science Behind Shiva Lingam or Shivling

Shiv lingam consists of three parts
  • The bottom that has four sides remains underground.
  • The middle part that has eight sides remains on a pedestal.
  • The top which is actually worshipped is round, the height of the round part is 1/3 of its circumference
The three parts symbolise, Lord Bramha in the lower part, Lord Vishnu in the middle and Lord Shiva in the upper part. The pedestal is provided with a passage to drain the water that poured on the top of the shiv lingam.Lingam symbolises the creative and destructive power of Lord Shiva and the devotee attribute great holiness to him. This does not mean that others should give a false meaning to the image of shiva lingam(Shivling). It is unfortunate that Western scholars have mistakenly associated this  Lingam with the phallus, a male sexual organ and have seemed obscenity in worship. As it is described that Lord Shiva has no form, it is ridiculous to claim that Lingam represents a phallus. That is why Swami Vivekananda described shiva lingam(Shivling) as a symbol of eternal Brahman. Hinduism does not oppose science it doesn’t even oppose other religions.
Science is a continuous effort to discover and increase human knowledge of the physical or material world through experiments and observations.But Hinduism has the strength to provide answers to certain problems that science has not been able to solve. 
Lord Vishnu     photo credit:Quora

shiva lingam(Shivling) represents the entire cosmos and the cosmos in turn is represented as a cosmic egg, again an egg is an ellipsoid that represents neither a beginning nor an end. The truth behind the scientific research conducted by scientists niels bohr shows that the molecules are made up of atoms that consist of protons neutrons and electrons. Which play a vital role in the composition of shivling in those days instead of using those english words such as protons, neutrons,electrons and energy ancient sages used words such as Lingam, Vishnu, Brahma, Shakti etc. Since Sanskrit was the dominant language in those periods sage Vyas, the author of “mahabharath” mentions that Lord Shiva is smaller than subatomic particle like proton, Neutron and electron at the same time he also mentions that Lord Shiva is greater than anything greatest. 
shiva lingam(Shivling) is not just a simple symbol,our “Rishis” wanted to send a message that they can see the smallest form of nature in the form of shiva- lingam(Shivling).Shivling represents the atomic structure,in our atomic structure there are protons and neutrons surrounded by electrons that spin rapidly.An examination of the image of the shiva lingam(Shivling) in the context of Bohr’s model would demonstrate the surprising truth that Brahma created the world.shiva lingam(Shivling) demonstrates the behavior of protons,electrons, neutrons and energy. Lord Vishnu means proton with a positive electric charge,Lord Shiva means Neutron without an electric charge, Lord Bramha an electron with a negative electric charge.Shakti is represented by an oval-shaped disk ,she is energy and plays a vital role in the universe.


If we look at Lord Vishnu’s portrait a lotus that emerges from Lord Vishnu’s navel is depicted and Lord Bramha is shown sitting on the Lotus. Lotus means energy that has the force of attraction, the lotus stem can bend due to its flexibility indicating that Lord Bramha moves around Lord Vishnu. This is a message that the electron is attracted to the protons due to the opposite electrical charge, in addition Neutron is represented as Lord Shiva which has no charge. The nucleus of the atom also contains neutrons, neutrons are about the same size as protons but they have no electric charge. Neutrons are very close to the nucleus of the atom with protons. When the nucleus of the atom contains as many as protons and neutrons the atom is stable, similarly the ancient sages have suggested that when lord shiva is not disturbed and separated he remains calm. Lord shiva keeps calm because Shakti takes the form of Renuka. The energy that forms the molecule is denoted by the valency which in sanskrit is Renuka.Renuka is one that produces Renu or a molecule. Two atoms form a molecule, therefore the ancient Hindu sages brought the idea of Shakti as Lord Shiva‘s wife and as part of Lord Shiva and turns around Lord Shiva all the time. However when neutrons is disturbed and separated disasters occur. Which means that Shakti ends up being a terror known as Rudrani or Kali who performs a destructive dance indicating a natural disaster. Our ancestors did a great job,but as time went by the true meaning was lost leaving behind the traditions and literature which we can study. 
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