What’s the Most Dangerous Road in the World?

Driving sucks it’s dangerous and you have to deal with traffic, potholes, UFOs ,weather and people who merge without putting on their blinker but you don’t usually think when you get in the car about how dangerous your upcoming Drive really is but maybe you should. Road traffic accidents currently kill more people per year than malaria and it’s the leading cause of death for people under the age of 29. In 2013 alone 1.25 million people died in vehicle accidents across the world and up to 50 million
more were injured those numbers are similar to the casualties suffered during entire Wars but they happen every year and when you compare these numbers of deaths to the amount of air travel related deaths also reported in 2013 you’d find that only 173 people died. which is seven thousand two  hundred and twenty five times less people than died in traffic accidents. But let’s take a look at which countries across the world are the most dangerous to drive in and which ones are the safest.

There’s a couple different ways to measure this but the first is by measuring road fatalities per year per 100,000 people .By this measurement these are the top 20 most dangerous countries in the world to drive in . With Libya being by far the worst recording ,73.4 traffic related deaths per 100,000 residents in 2013 by comparison the u.s. recorded only 10.6 the UK just 2.9 and Norway which is the safest country in the world to drive in recorded only 2.2. But there’s another way to measure how dangerous a country’s roads are the amount of road fatalities per 100,000 vehicles inside the country. So by this measurement here are the new top 20 most dangerous countries in the world to drive in .In which you’ll notice the Libya is interestingly absent. Now the most dangerous roads appear to be located here in Guinea with 9462.5 deaths recorded in 2013 per 100,000 vehicles. That is 734 times higher than the rate in the u.s 1855 times higher than the rate in the UK and 3052 times higher than the rate in Norway which by this metric again scores the safest driving rank in the world .

while all of this is interesting you wanted to know what individual road in the world is the most dangerous and so there’s a few for you to consider. The single deadliest road accident ever took place in Afghanistan in 1982 during the Soviet invasion of the country at the Salang tunnel through the Hindu Kush mountains. Two Soviet convoys collided with one another and created a huge traffic jam through the three kilometer long tunnel .All of those cars idling inside of the tunnel for hours and produce a lot of carbon monoxide that stuck around and killed at least 176 people while they were waiting. While that incident was definitely horrible it’s not like the tunnel is always that dangerous so what about some roads that are dangerous all the time year round. For that I’d like to show you the James Dalton highway in Alaska, arguably the most dangerous road to drive on in the United States and probably North America .The road begins in Fairbanks and heads up north for 414 miles across the Alaskan wilderness to Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean. There are only three towns along this entire stretch of road with a combined population of 60 people .Coldfoot at mile 175, Wiseman at mile 188 and Deadhorse all the way at the end at Mile 414. There are also only three gas stations one at mile 56 and two more in Coldfoot and Deadhorse. So once you get to Coldfoot it’s another 239 miles to the next gas station and the road itself is only paved for 25% of it, the rest of it is just gravel .In addition the only medical facilities are located in the talents on either end of the road. So in an emergency you could find yourself over 200 miles away from the nearest hospital. So survival gear is highly encouraged to be brought with you and polar bears are also known to occasionally wander off of the highway and since they sometimes hunt humans you may have to deal with one attacking you and finally there’s the temperature which can hit a pretty cold – 62 degrees Celsius in the winter. So if your car breaks down in winter you’d be dealing with horrible cold getting stranded hundreds of miles away from civilization and maybe deal with some polar bear attacks but if you thought this was the most dangerous road in the world this whole time you’re wrong because it’s not.

The actual road that is consistently ranked as the most dangerous road that you should ever drive on is the youngest road in Bolivia .Which has literally nicknamed the road of death because it looks like this and also because 200 to 300 people died driving over it every year. six to nine percent of all the road fatalities in Bolivia take place on this one single road and it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s a single lane road with very few guardrails and exposed cliffs that drop down over 1,000 metres below. The road is only a single vehicle wide with traffic that goes both ways and none of it is paved. The road is 69 kilometers long and connects the towns of La Paz and coroico. Here drivers are expected to drive on the left so they have a better view of the cliffs that they could you know drive off of . The cliffs maybe the main hazard but landslides from above can also crush the car you’re driving. Rain can make the entire experience muddy and slippery and fog can greatly reduce your visibility of the cliffs. Passing vehicles that are coming from the opposite direction is one of the most dangerous maneuvers, like in 1983 when a bus fell off of the cliff and killed over a hundred people, the worst road accident in the history of Bolivia. But thankfully a newer road has been built recently that bypasses the old dangerous one. So nobody has to drive on it anymore but you still could if you really want to drive on the world’s most dangerous road.

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