Top 10 Places to Visit in Iceland

Today we’re in a  the beautiful and wonderful Iceland and we spent the last two weeks driving around Iceland from the very south to the very east to the very north of very . Now we’re back
here in Reykjavik and today we have for you the top 10 things for you to do and see when you’re here in Iceland.Lets Start


The first thing you should do and this is my personal favourite thing is, go see the icebergs at jokulsarlon, so um yeah you can never pronounce the icelandic where. it’s just out in the very south island you have a national part that’s a glacier on top and the glacier comes down and breaks off and the icebergs float in this lagoon and they float out into the sea and it is really one of the coolest most surreal places you will go to anywhere in the world. It is awesome ok ,so that’s the first thing go see the icebergs in the south.

Hot spots

Now the second thing you need to do is go to one of the hot spots or the hot spots the thermal spas and of course the most famous one out there is the Blue Lagoon just south of here in Reykjavik. Make reservations so you can get there so you can go sit in the hot mineral water and just relax and just feel like a new person you come out of there. Kids can go as well 2 and up usually is what they recommend and you can just sit back relax take it in get the warm water see the lava fields ,oh it is just fantastic.

Myvatn lake

Now the third thing, to go see is the Myvatn lake. They also up there they have there’s hot spots up there as well if you’re going to be going in the northern part of iceland and there’s a big lake with some really cool geological features from the volcanoes there’s another hot spot where you can go and do the geothermal spas and you can have the the steam coming out of the sulfurs.My son had a great time fighting the sulfur gas monster up there I mean the Myvatan lake is really beautiful and all that whole area has a lot to do ,outdoor stuff and all throughout iceland lots of outdoor activities like horseback riding glacier hiking, hiking in general all kinds of stuff .

Visit Reykjavik

Fourth thing to do when you’re here is ,why not stop by the capital there’s a lot of cheap flights into
Reykjavik  now from the US and europe and there are some nice things to do and see when you’re here .Some of them on our list like you go down to the Blue Lagoon or go to the Golden Circle and see the guys are in Gullfoss etc. but in Reykjavik the city itself you’ve got the cool churches so in recce that you’ve got a lot of really interesting museums.If you like history they’ve got a saga museum, got the settlement Center which actually they have an old Viking house inside or the remnants of it they’ve got this all. This whole display around explain how people lived.There is a pretty cool site on the National Museum, here has a good history of Iceland if you want art they have art galleries they have photography museums they even have a museum about boy bits of other animals.I mean there’s a lot of cool things to do here and you can go out and eat and drink and make merry here.Really well and a lot of cheap flights yes ooh you’re going to be here in Reykjavik ?

Westmann Islands

Fifth thing on our list is going to the Westmann Islands.Now the westmann islands are these little
islands just south of Iceland. You’re gonna have to get a ferry to go there and book your fare in advance because the ferry does sell out when you go there. What’s really cool is you can take boat tours to see you the newest island in the world out there but also what’s really cool with kids is their
aquarium there,Natural History Museum’s like three rooms but the thing is they actually help and save baby puffins and you can hold baby puffins and pet them and it is really kind of a cool thing. Out there if you in the right time of year ,you can learn to see hundreds and hundreds of puffins only if you’re there at the right time of the year.


Six, the  Snaefellsjokull or the basically the peninsula at just north of Reykjavik. There’s a national park on the end of it with a volcano with a glacier on top this.If you want to see the many Icelands yes you can rent your car and drive up there. There’s beaches you can see seals when you go there.
There’s a shrimp wrecking go see you can walk through places that look like they’re from Lord of the Rings I mean it is just unbelievable beauty on the peninsula. There people are really nice ,you can see it at cafes, overlooking bays ,it is just a really cool place.  If you’re only going to be nice in for four or five days you don’t have a lot of time so you’ll probably end up here in Reykjavik go to the Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle which I’ll talk about in a bit, then drive up to the  Snaefellsjokull, peninsula and the park there and check that out so you can see as much you can .Because it takes time to get to the east and the north okay.

Western Fjords

Now the seventh thing is to go to see the western fjords.If you want that wild Icelandic beauty they show in the commercials that’s your Western fjords.With the Quagmire’s or the crevasse is going down the fjords going down it and the drive you go, it’s 30 kilometers this way yeah but it’s 70 kilometers driving because it’s switchbacks, back and forth back and forth you know 12 grade 15 grade you know rose things like that dirt roads .One lane roads it can be a bit scary it will take you a lot longer to drive ,there then your GPS says and that’s everywhere in Ison just so you know GPS
lies okay because you’re not going to be going that fast. Now the thing is the West the Western views are just beautiful and so you want to go through and take in the beauty there. On the other side you can go to Eastern, few words they’re not quite as well but still beautiful fewer tourists are going there.
However I would say the roads they’re a little bit more treacherous but still a great place to go. We spent some time there I met some nice people, some beautiful sights .Though driving through the clouds with drop off cliffs with no guardrails was a bit scary.

The Golden Circle

Now the eight one that should do when you come to Iceland is if you’re here in Reykjavik you can go drive the Golden Circle. Now some people call the Golden Circle driving is around the whole island,no most of time we talk about the Golden Circle, you’re driving out from Reykjavik to the east and you’re going to hit three sites ok the pingvellir National Park that’s out there you can go and see there, but the two main things you want to see, you want to go to the geysers okay you got geyser which blows up every five minutes so you can have a good time with that. I know my son loved getting covered with sulphur gas and water. It is really cool for kids,also when you continue on that way on the Golden Circle you’re going to go to Gullfoss which is these huge waterfalls here in Iceland and you’re gonna see waterfalls all over Iceland but this is one of the cooler ones out there.

Whale watching in Husavik or Akureyri

Now the ninth thing you should do is head to the north ,either go to husavik or akureyri, that’s we’re going to go. Do your whale watching okay and when you go whale watching I mean they literally say it’s guaranteed I mean it’s literally guaranteed last evening that’s not last what it was 100 percent scene we went out there. we were as a 3 hour tour and we went and we got out to the bay and then there was one, then there was two they literally were playing with each other going all around us it was fantastic. whale watching up there is fantastic ,also you can do hiking up there ,horseback riding there’s more waterfalls ,all kinds of great stuff up there in the north. so you can check that out as well
and as the bells are ringing it’s time for us to wrap it up.

See The Northern Lights

The tenth thing you should do when you come here to Iceland is, if you come here in the winter check out the Northern Lights because they are fantastic. Sadly if you come here in the summer you’re probably not going to see them because it’s too light here but if you get a chance they are
phenomenal. You’ll see pictures and paintings of them all over the country ,so you can kind of take it in even you can’t be you’re here in the wintertime.

Hope you like like our article,have a nice day.Thank you.

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