The Biggest Game Show Winners of All Time

Of all the ways to acquire currency,one of the most obscure ways is to win on a game show. It’s hard enough to be selected to participate in a game show ,it’s just as hard to come out victorious with a pile of cash. in this Article we’ll count down the top 11 most winning game show contestants.

John Carpenter,who wants to be a millionaire

I know you’re probably wondering why the list includes the top 11 game show contestants rather than the top 10.Well John Carpenter is why, he’s the 11th most winning game show contestant but to be honest with you, he’s number one in my heart. The show carpenter put on to become the first-ever grand prize winner of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” was truly spectacular. The entire show John was as smooth as a fresh jar of skippy. never batting an eye at his answer choice. He surely impressed Regis Philbin, the host when it came down to  the final answer of the show carpenter in an unprecedented act of greatness used his lifeline to call his dad rather than reading the question and asking for an answer from his lifeline. He simply said, dad I know the answer I just wanted to tell you that I’m a millionaire and lo and behold he was ,after that question he won 1.25 million dollars. Of the massive pot he donated ten percent to charity. Anyway we can move on to the top ten now but I’d be
remised if I didn’t mention the legendary John Carpenter.

Robert Carlo Mariano,Survivor: Redemption Island

In the second season of Survivor: Redemption Island ,Robert Carlo Mariano was known as Boston
rob. His memorable performance made him a fan favorite. thanks to his big personality over the span of weeks Boston Rob managed to outlast his teammates and opponents, as they were picked off one by one. His winnings were amazingly over 1.3 million dollars but as it happens the million plus paycheck wasn’t the most valuable thing got out of the show. During his time on the survival game show Robert Carlo met laughs of his life amber British and they would later get married, sounds like
that show really worked out for Boston Rock.

 Curtis Warren, greed

The game show greed was only on the air for a little ,over a year from 1999 to 2000 but thankfully that wasn’t enough time for former air traffic controller Curtis Warren to cash out with 1.4 million
bucks. Warren’s winning answer that got him all that cheddar was that dragnet,McHale’s Navy, The Flintstones and The Beverly Hillbillies, were TV shows turned movies. The movie buff was also lucky enough to make an appearance on two other game shows called sale of the century and win Ben Stein’s money. From those two shows he managed to pocket a hundred and forty thousand dollars so Warren’s batting average when it comes to game shows isn’t too shabby.

David Legler 21

21 was a game show back in the 1950s that was exposed for being rigged. The show canceled and lawsuits followed but despite the stigma behind the show .NBC decided to reboot the show 50 years
later, audiences didn’t really take to the reboot to sell the show only last in a season. But in that short window David Legler was able to win one point seven six five million dollars. Legler is a finance manager which works out nicely considering in 2000, he came into a lot more finance to manage. Later on the game show that appeared in a game show national smash ,where game show winners
from different games can compete in trivia. In the final round of the show Legler aced off against one frank Spangenberg who won 260,000 from Jeopardy and thus began one of the most heated sports rivalries in history. Legler managed to come out on top after four heated rounds.

Ashlee Register,Duel

Ashlee Register inherited the rare title of the highest winning female contestant in game show history. Who only appeared on one show after her performance on door. We must always remember nothing is arbitrary when it comes to game shows.She also holds the record for the most money made by an American who appeared on just one game show. Ashley won 1.795 million dollars, was that a gallon of water? weighs more than a gallon of oil. The tournament style game show duel was only on TV for a year just like some of the previous game shows mentioned, but it still has a place and Ashley registers heart .

Ed-Toutant – Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Ed-Toutant was invited on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and on his very first question he got the answer wrong he was sent home in shame but luck would have it that the question he got wrong ,was actually flawed so they brought him back on a technicality. But he didn’t let the first blunder get to his head as he would proceed to answer all of the questions correctly this time around and walk out with over 1.8 million dollars. As game show contestants tend to do and found himself on another game show “Jeopardy”, years later where he was able to scrap up a respectable eleven thousand dollars.
number five

Sandra Diaz twine:Survivor

Sandra Diaz twine also known as the queen of Survivor. The title was bestowed on her after she won two million dollars on the game show.Survivor is of course not like any other game show, there isn’t any trivia involved, it’s merely how much the contestant can subject themselves to and how well they
can work as a team while doing what’s best for themselves. Athleticism also plays a big part in the game show ,so to come out on top with two million dollars is certainly a feat to be proud of. The
reason why she’s called the queen of Survivor is because her two million dollars in winnings are spread over two wins and she’s the only contestant to appear on the show and win more than once.

Kevin Olmstead- “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”

Now that we’ve reached the 2 million dollar threshold, the winnings are starting to get twice as serious. Kevin Olmsted’s winning question was, who is credited with inventing the first mass-produced helicopter? he guessed correctly I Gore Sikorsky. The special episode of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” was during the jackpot series where the winnings were more than twice as much as usual. After he became a millionaire on that game show he tried his hand at “Jeopardy” where he managed to win 27 big ones.

Andrew Kravis: million second quiz

In 2013Andrew Kravis was able to earn himself a huge payday on the show million second quiz hosted by my man Ryan Seacrest .Andrew Kravis was fresh out of Columbia Law School, when he decided to try his hand at the new and short-lived game show million second quiz. Kravis became the
show’s only winner taking home 2.6 million for his troubles. He also went on to win money on Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and jeopardy .With the two and a half million Kravis paid off his loans and enjoyed a long trip travelling around Europe.

 Ken Jennings: Jeopardy

 Ken Jennings came storming onto the Jeopardy scene back in 2004. Quickly becoming a household name as the man who couldn’t be beaten. Jennings won in astounding 74 games before contestant Nancy Zerg defeated him. In 2011 Jennings returned to the game show to compete against an IBM
computer named Watson. Watson in a bit of a drag has beaten every human it’s ever faced, but aside from that Noah tall robot, Ken Jennings has won an astounding 3.4 million dollars on Jeopardy.

Brad Rutter: jeopardy

The king of Jeopardy and the king of game shows, no one in the history of American game show winners has won as much as 2011 jeopardy contestant Brad Rutter. Rutter has never lost a game of Jeopardy to another human being, shocking even longtime host Alex Trebek. Rutter’s only loss came against the IBM Watson but in legacy terms losses against robots don’t count. Rutter has competed on other game shows – including the million dollar mind game where he took home $100,000. Rutter however became more than just a nerd who knows a bunch of trivia he caught the eye of style magazine Vanity Fair for his stylishness on the show and got himself featured. It just goes to show some people care if you know who invented the helicopter and some people just care if you properly know how to deploy a pocket square. In total Brad Rutter has made 4.6 million dollars from his game show appearances, ninety-nine percent of which coming from his wins on Jeopardy. So there you have it the ten most winning game show contestants led by the stylish trivia genius Brad Rutter.
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