Richest Persons In America

hello Americans, ever wonder who is the richest person in your state is? well I have, and made a comprehensive list just in case you ever wanted to know, so without further ado here are the richest
people in each and every state in the United States in alphabetical order.

Alabama: Jimmy rain ,$ 950 million

founder and CEO of Great Southern wood preserving, which makes decks, fences and other treated lumber products.

 Alaska: Leonard Hyde,Jonathan rubini and Families,310 million $

Real estate juggernauts in the most northern state, each of them are worth three hundred and ten million.

Arizona: Mark Shoen,3 Billion $

He is an American billionaire businessman ,vice president of the moving equipment and storage rental company u-haul ,founded by his father .He’s also the largest shareholder in its parents company Emeco.

Arkansas: Jim Walton,40.3 Billion $

One of the richest man in the world and one of the owners of his family’s company that you might have heard of “Walmart”

California:Mark Zuckerberg,74 Billion $

Facebook yep it checks out .

Colorado: Philip Anschutz ,12.7 Billion $

He’s a billionaire entrepreneur who owns or controls many companies in a variety of businesses including energy, railroads, real estate,sports, newspapers, movies, theaters, arenas and music.

Connecticut: Ray Dalio,17.4 Billion $

He is the founder of investment firm Bridgewater associates, one of the world’s largest hedge funds .

Delaware: Robert Gore and Elizabeth Synder,750 Million $

This company invents lightweight waterproof fabric used in medical equipment, computer cables and even the outside of spacesuits.

Florida: Thomas Peterffy,25.7 Billion $

Thomas is a Hungarian born American billionaire businessman he is the founder,chairman, CEO and the largest shareholder of Interactive Brokers.

Georgia: Jim Kennedy,9 Billion $

Jim Kennedy is an American media executive and the current chair of Cox Enterprises. The media
conglomerate founded by his grandfather.

Hawaii :Pierre Omidyar,10.6 Billion $

Creator of eBay.

Idaho: Frank Vander Sloot,3.4 Billion $

He’s an American entrepreneur, radio network owner, rancher and political campaign financier and has an amazing last name he is the founder and CEO of Melaleuca,Inc.

Illinois: Ken Griffin,9 Billion $

American investor, hedge fund manager and philanthropist. He is the founder and chief executive of the global investment firm Citadel.

Indiana:Carl cook,8.2 Billion $

American businessman ,he is the CEO of the Cook Group, a medical device company that was co-founded by his parents this guy saves lives.

Iowa :Harry Stine,3.2 billion $

American billionaire businessman, the founder and owner of Stein seed. Stein owns several strains of corn and soybean genetics.

Kansas: Charles coke,coke industries,51.5 Billion $

The eighth richest person in the world. Koch Industries does everything you can think of .

Kentucky: B.Wayne Hughes,2.7 billion $

Billionaire businessman, the founder and chairman of public storage the largest self storage company in the United States.

Louisiana: Gayle Benson,2.7 billion $

She became an American billionaire businesswoman, philanthropist and sports franchise owner after the death of her husband that sports franchise is the New Orleans Saints.

Maine:Susan Alfond,1.6 billion $

She and her three siblings inherited a fortune created by their father who started Dexter shoe company.

Maryland: Ted Lerner and family,5.1 Billion $

They are a real estate family worth 5 point 1 billion, Ted is the managing principal owner of the Washington Nationals baseball team.

Massachusetts: Abigail Johnson, money management,16.9 billion $

President and chief executive officer of US investment firm Fidel investments.

Michigan: Daniel Gilbert,6.3 billion $

Founded Quicken Loans but he is better known for his ownership of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Minnesota: Glen Taylor, 2.8 billion $

Billionaire businessman who is the majority owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, NBA basketball team.

Mississippi: James and Thomas Duff, 1.2 billion $ each

This 1.2 billion dollar brothers James and Thomas Duff founded and co-owned “Duff capital investors” a holding company with a total revenue of more than 2.6 billion dollars, they inherited commercial tire dealer southern tire Mart.

Missouri: Pauline McMillan Keinath, 7.2 billion $

She’s great granddaughter of William Wallace Cargill ,the founder of cargo the largest private company in the United States.

Montana: Dennis Washington, construction and mining, 5.9 billion $.

He parlayed an early love of machinery into a diversified business group called Washington companies.

Nebraska: Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway.

Soon to be the richest man on the planet, best investor of all time .

Nevada: Sheldon Adelson 42.8 billion $

Not surprisingly the Nevada gentleman got his wealth from casinos.

New Hampshire: andrea Reimann-Ciardellli, 1.1 billion $

consumer Goods, 1.1 billion. In 2003 she sold her 11.1 percent stake in J.A.B holding company that she inherited from her father, for nearly 1 billion dollars.

New Jersey: John Overdeck,5.5 billion $

Another hedge fund expert, five point five billion ,real savvy with his hedge funds, what can
you say?

New Mexico: Mack C Chase 700 million $

Oil and natural gas tycoon, not even a billionaire!! embarrassing .what is the oil
and gas market not a big enough industry!

New York: David Koch, Koch industries, 51.5billion $

The brother of Charles ham tied with him for the eighth richest person walking God’s
green earth.

North Carolina: James goodnight,9.9 billion $

He has been the CEO of SAS Institute since 1976 ,a software company which he co-founded that year with other faculty members of North Carolina State University.

North Dakota: Gary tharaldson, hotels 900 million $

Another non billionaire but a big hotel guy,we like Gary is a classic rags to riches story.
Ohio:Les Wexner and family, retail 5.4 billion $
They owned a global retail empire that includes Victoria’s Secret and bath & Bodyworks ,can’t be mad at that?

Oklahoma: Harold Hamm and family, oil and gas,19.5 billion $

The hamms made 20 billion with oil and gas, looks like you need to pull your weight mark..

Oregon:Phil Knight and Family 30.7 billion $

Creator of the legendary sports brand Nike they just did it.

Pennsylvania: Victoria Mars,6 billion $

She previously served as the chairman of Mars Incorporated.

Rhode island: jonathan Nelson 1.8 billion $.

He is the founder of Providence Equity Partners, a global private equity firm based in Providence Rhode Island, which manages funds with forty point seven billion in commitment.

South Carolina: anita Zucker,Chemicals, 2.5 billion $

InterTech group, a private family-owned chemicals manufacturer.

South Dakota: T.Denny Sanford, banking and credit cards,2.5 billion $

Chairman and chief executive officer of United National Corporation.

Tennessee: Thomas frist jr. and family, 9.7 billion $

These people also help to save lives, Thanks first family.

Texas: Alice Walton,40 billion $

Another member of the Walmart family

Utah:Gail Miller,1.4 billion $

Owner of the Utah Jazz and about a million car dealerships is worth one point four billion dollars.

Vermont:John Abele, healthcare, 630 million $

Boston Scientific, a medical device company and he was awarded with the ASME medal in 2010 this man also saves lives.

virginia: jacqueline mars 23.8 billion $

Another owner of the candy and pet food mega company.

Washington:Jeff Bezos,Amazon 140 billion $

Richest man in the world and certainly Washington State.

West Virginia: Jim Justice II , 1.9 billion $

Coal mining,agriculture businessman and politician serving the 36th and current governor of West Virginia since 2017.

Wisconsin: John Menard jr. 10.5 billion $

Founder and owner of Menards, a Midwestern chain of home-improvement stores. He is also a former IndyCar racing team owner.

Wyoming: John Mars, Tandy and pet food 28.1 billion $

John Franklyn Mars, KBE (born October 15, 1935) is an American businessman. As of January 2018, Mars had a net worth of $28.1 billion, making him the 32nd-richest person in the world (tied with his sister Jacqueline).

Thank you very much and I have one hope that one day you yourself become the richest person in that beautiful state.Hope you like our article”Richest Persons In America”.Thank you.

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