Inside The $260,000 Lamborghini Huracan

In this episode I’ll be giving you a virtual tour of the Lamborghini Huracan performante or as I like to call it the angry Italian. Let’s just start with the name itself Lamborghini Huracan performante I mean you can’t come with the audacity to give a car a name like that, without it being just as audacious on the road. The word Huracan is not only inspired by the Spanish fighting bull but it is also the name of the Mayan god of wind, storm and fire the performante lives up to its namesake and then some. This very evening the performante is sitting in my garage just waiting for me to let it loose on the asphalt. It’s all white with carbon-fiber features jet-black 20-inch Argento rims and the Italian flag accents across the lower side skirts. It passed the eye test with flying colors as all Lamborghinis tend to. The car was built for performance but the design is so beautiful, it’s hard to tell which came first but once you get behind the wheel you’ll quickly find out that the performance was the priority in the production of the performante. The car is the fifth fastest production car ever made. bested only by the Porsche 918 Spyder, the Tesla Model S ludicrous, the Ariel Atom 500 v8 and the Dodge SRT demon. In my opinion the only real competition the performante has is the 918 Spyder and I’d go as far as to say the 918 is the performante supercar equal. Both the demon and the atom were built purely for speed and quickness and lack the exotic flavor of the Lamborghini. The Tesla on the other hand is an electric sedan and quite frankly in a league of its own not to mention it costs a fraction of the price of the Lambo and the Porsche. Elon Musk really threw us gearheads for a loop when that released but nevertheless the performante has a special place in my heart.

There are a couple features of the preformante that are rather unique ,that’s the reasons why I’ve come to love this car. Number one is the car is naturally aspirated and secondly the dual downforce feature of the wing. To elaborate this performante utilizes a naturally aspirated engine which is becoming more and more rare in supercar production. This means that the oxygen intake relies solely on natural atmospheric pressure rather than on the increasing more common use of turbo or a supercharger. The drawback of having a naturally aspirated engine is that it makes the engine rather thirsty but if you’re willing to drop over 300 thousand dollars on a car I don’t think you’re too concerned with spending a little extra on petrol every week. Plus the sound the car makes is much more pleasant than a turbocharged engine but that’s just my opinion.. Moving on to the wing, the wing like many other supercars comes equipped with flaps, that adjust accordingly during acceleration in order to create downforce and decrease drag to make the car go faster. This feature isn’t uncommon these days but what is particularly uncommon about the wing of the Lamborghini Huracan performante is its dual downforce feature. The car lets you adjust the downforce of either side of the car due to its genius design. Air pockets are in place on either side of the engine that guide gusts of air through the car and out the wing. The wing will intuitively adjust during a sharp turn,causing downforce on one back wheel. This brilliant feature enables the driver to be even more aggressive on turns without the vehicle flipping over.The feature surely played a part in the performante performance on the figure 8 track where it tied the Porsche 918 spyder for the quickest lap at 22.2 seconds. The cars design left no chance for slowness. The Huracan maintains the 5.2 liter naturally aspirated audi Lamborghini v10 engine from its predecessor the Gallardo. This monster engine is tuned to generate a maximum power output of 602 horsepower. To ensure its balance and performance the car is mid-engined. The engine has both direct fuel injection and multi-point fuel injection, it combines the benefits of both of these systems, in fact it is the first time this combination has been utilized in a v10 engine. This fine crafting shows up when you push to start the engine and floor it down on an unsuspecting back’s truly magnificent.The handling is palpable underneath your palms and it certainly gives you a sense of power and with this car a sense of power that is anything but misplaced. The interior of the performante is next-generation sleek. It’s adorned in reoccurring hexagons like some sort of alien beehive. As far as comfort it’s not incredibly comfortable but as far as supercars go it’s not half bad. There really is not much the interior lacks the car however does lack driver assistance technology commonly found on more prosaic vehicles instead this purebred supercar has a host of performance assists that help the driver to maintain control at outrageous speeds.

This plethora of eatures would require an engineering encyclopedia to fully explain but I’ll just say that the Lamborghini’s advanced chasis and sophisticated powertrain are about as high-tech of technology you’re going to find. Its intricate interior also boasts a variety of technical pieces,some for show but most of which for speed. My particular edition of the hurricane came fitted with the Marc’s latest infotainment system with an 8.4 inch touchscreen that controls several functions and of course the car has apple carplay capabilities. If there’s one downside to the Huracan performante, it’s how it does in the city. Sometimes you want to take the Lambo out of the club or to some red carpet to show off the amazing car but with the performante it’s quite hard to do that. The car is so incredibly low to the ground that speed bumps or railroad tracks tend to be its greatest weakness. Not to mention, the manual car likes to go fast, so during touch-and-go traffic it takes a little more effort than you would think to not rear-end the car right in front of you or stall out win in the city in close-quarters if you will, the car kind of feels like a puppy on a leash, having just guzzled a red ball surrounded by frisbees being thrown into all angles in other words she’s hard to tame. Some supercars have tackled this issue of speed bumps by installing a hydraulic lift on the front bumper unfortunately this feature does not exist in the performante so some valuable pieces of equipment underneath the car are always at risk of letting off some sparks when driving in the inner-city. But to be honest that’s just one drawback in an otherwise flawless experience with the car. If you want to show off in front of the paparazzi, I recommend you take the Bentley out and leave the perfe monta as your own personal secret trust me it’s more exciting in that way. 

In conclusion the performante is one of my favorite cars I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. If I had to give a score out of 10 it’d be in the high nines and any version of the horican Lamborghini plans to release in the future certainly has my interest. In fact the 2020 Lamborghini Huracan Evo has already been ordered and I can’t wait to give you readers a review of that car and I hope it will be more of the same. Hope you like our article “Inside The $260,000 Lamborghini Huracan”.Thank you

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