Inside The $2.5 Million Pagani Huayra

The other day I was driving to my favorite location. windows down, blasting Adele and cruising
in my Aston Martin one-77 and I thought to myself if only my friends could experience this and that’s when I had a brilliant idea ,I should create an article highlighting some of my favorite automobiles, I’ve had the pleasure of driving over the years. so here it is Today ,I’ll be showcasing the Pagani Huayra. My personal Huayra was carbon fiber with black accents naturally I took it upon myself to acquire the BC edition of the Huayra. Named after the first buyer Benny Cailo. Only 20 of these cars will ever be made which makes the fact that I lost the car to Leonardo DiCaprio in poker,all the more painful.But rather than getting into a terribly devastating story of how lucky one actor can be, I’ll just get into some details about the car. To call the Pagani Huayra, one of the most exciting cars I’ve ever driven would be largely dishonest ,because well I don’t consider the Huayra to be a car but rather a rocket ship.The name Huayra is after a South American wind-god . The car is fast as in 0 to 62 miles an hour in less than 3.5 seconds and over 230 miles an hour top speed fast.

The rocket ship weighs an incredible light 1,300 kilograms and the leaps and bounds it took to achieve this feather weight are astonishing. The car isn’t even dual clutch which is a rarity for the cars class, but this was a sacrifice that was made to keep the single clutch car as light as possible. Even the gearbox feels rather fragile underneath the palm because it’s so light. All of this weight reduction transforms the automobile into a Dart. The car is so fast that it employs four aerodynamic air brake type flaps at the corners of the car the likes of which are only found on a spaceship. These flaps maximize down force and minimum drag, leaving the driver with the Rost feeling of pure speed and the brakes to back it all up. As far as the driving experience the car lacks absolutely nothing speed, handling, the Pagani leaves nothing unchecked or imperfect.The shear noise produced by the  turbocharged engine, the car was so vicious in its acceleration and the single clutch felt all the
more powerful with each rising gear. After a long stretch of adrenaline-inducing speed you begin to question who hurt you Huayra? but what really stands out about the Pagani aside from the way it drives is the attention to detail. The thin oval shape outline of the bugatti logo shows up again and again in and around the car on the steering wheel, in the display and in the leather seats the oval is subtly re-implemented into the design over and over. The consistency and attention to detail is exquisite in fact every single bolt in the cars composition is titanium, and every last one of them is adorned with a miniature Pagani logo and the detail doesn’t stop there.
 The carbon-fiber side mirrors were intended to be designed to resemble the eyelid of a woman and that woman as well as any other woman in the vicinity is staring straight at the one driving the car. The Doors offer a flashy gull-wing opening mechanism, that turns all heads upon arriving at any function. Once the doors are open a hidden compartment on the passenger side door for a tool box is revealed which is just another example of Pagani not wasting an inch of space on their vehicle. The compartment of course came with a special Pagani tool bag underneath the hood, next to the Mercedes AMG engine, are two other compartments that came with the Pagani suitcases that could pass for Louie Vuitton backs but that wasn’t all I got as a bonus. The car came with two boxes one came with two silver keys in the shape of a wire er themselves and the other box held the leftover titanium plate that was used to craft the namesake on the of the car. Another nice touch that horacio pagani added was his personal signature and ever heard horacio left lamborghini to pursue his own brand in Pagani but coming from someone who has owned both cars and made Pagani seem like more of a classic brand than one that’s just been around for over 20 years. Just turning ON the car it sounds like an explosion, the best kind of explosion. The car isn’t technically the fastest that driven but due to its light weight and the shear sound, you experience at the mercy of attention it certainly feels like the fastest. The visibility is average for a car with stature but perhaps that’s because the interior has so much to marvel at. The racing seats are a timeless brown leather and beautifully shaped and the exquisite – almost looks like the inside of an alien spacecraft. With its organic-looking Bionicle nature the interior feels like a sleek contrast of new and old and not an inch of space isn’t occupied with some sort of gauge, button or display. The only negative of the car was driving slow it sounds like a joke but I couldn’t really drive the machine in the city with touch-and-go traffic. The acceleration and rather clunky gearshift made it a task to not rear-end the minivan in front of me at the drive through. This experience isn’t uncommon with cars in the same class but it’s still something to consider.The car as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now isn’t cheap I bought my BC at 2.4 million but because so few were made the price has only gone up since then. This of course makes me all the more upset DiCaprio managed to hit up trip bases on the river but that’s beside the point ,if you can get one of these puppies for less than three mil these days then I’d say it’s worth it as long as you’ve got the cash but I believe they’re selling closer to 3.7 million dollars. Bugatti is also set to release the Huayra roadster for a starting price of 2.5 million a pop. It’s rumoured that just a hundred of the roadsters will ever be made. The roadster will be smaller and quicker but will likely have less power.

In summary the Pagani Huayra is one automobile that I’ll never forget .I thought it would be only fitting to include the Huayra as the first in my garage series. Hope you like our article “Inside The $2.5 Million Pagani Huayra”.Thank you.

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