Dubai – The Most Luxurious City In The World

Dubai, the most luxurious place in the world. Just fifty years ago Dubai was merely a small town in the middle of the desert. Today Dubai serves as the luxurious face of the Middle East and the biggest tourist attraction from all over the world. Undoubtedly you’ve seen photos of the Burj Al Arab hotel, the crescent-shaped skyscraper built on a man-made island ..etc.You also probably know that Dubai is home for the world’s tallest building and you might have even seen Tom Cruise scaling it in an installment of the mission impossible franchise. That building is called the Burj Khalifa and it stands 2722 feet high, yes!! I’m sure you know a bit about the attractions of this amazing city but today I’d love to get the chance to tell you so much more.

So here’s all the over-the-top wildly expensive things you can find in Dubai. But first a tiny history lesson.. how did Dubai go from being just a small desert town to the extravagant Oasis, it is today? Yes the same way all of the other United Arab Emirates cities became so rich, Oil .Abu Dhabi, just 90 miles from Dubai is the richest city in the world and it sits on 10% of the entire world’s oil supply.This production of oil launched the United Arab Emirates into the first world,millions were poured into Dubai and it became one of the biggest cities in the Middle East.

However today Dubai only makes 5 percent of its revenue from oil because its reserves aren’t nearly as lucrative as some of its UAE neighbours. Dubai makes the majority of its revenue from trade ,real estate and tourism. Dubai has become the business centre of the UAE since it can no longer rely on oil production alone but this adjustment has not discouraged this incredibly rich City from growing. Dubai is growing in population just as much as it’s growing vertically, in fact about 1/4 of all cranks are located in Dubai..Yes that’s right!!
About 25% of cranes in existence are in just one UAE city. It seems the game plan of Dubai is just to keep building skyscrapers. Two of these skyscrapers are the already mentioned Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab hotel. The Burj Khalifa stands more than a half a mile tall, it’s so tall in fact that at its upper floors, the building can sway several feet at the mercy of the wind. This however was not overlooked by the architects of this massive building. The Burj Khalifa was designed in such a way
that the sway would be too slow for the vestibular system in the inner ear to even notice. That’s the part of the ear that provides balance, if you happen to be unburdened by interference.
The Burj Al Arab is a beautiful five-star hotel ,just hundreds of feet off the land. The Al Arab is the fifth largest hotel in the world ,thanks to its unique shape.. The hotel stands 56 stories high. It is officially labeled as a five-star hotel but some have dubbed this stunning building with the highest remark of seven stars. This seven star label is up for debate as the authority on the matter of luxury hotels has not been agreed upon. But seven star or not ,this hotel is truly magnificent. If you want
to spend a night in the royal suite of the Al Arab it’ll cost you just over twenty four thousand dollars. The interior of the Burj Al Arab is adorned with around 1790 square meters of 24 karat gold leaf .But even that can’t touch the glorious views of the Immaculate city and the picture-perfect golf . Along with extremely tall buildings the city is keen on building man-made islands. Both the palm islands and the world islands are two incredibly ambitious projects that came to fruition with the help of a whole lot of cash. The construction of the palm islands not only costs twelve billion dollars to build but it also required eighty-four million cubic meters of sand .To put that into perspective 94 million
cubic meters of sand could fill the entire Empire State Building two and a half times. The world islands as in the man-made islands that mimic the shape of the world’s land masses,took 321 million
cubic meters of sand. Theodore if you could just editing 9 Empire State buildings, which also adds another 15 billion dollars to the cost of man-made islands in Dubai. I’m not much of a big fan of sand in the first place as its rough, course and it gets everywhere.

Nevertheless I did enjoy my time at the palm island like I’ve always said nothing exfoliates quite like the warm water of the Persian Gulf. But that’s enough talk about man-made islands huh..

let’s move on to the police force now. Law enforcement isn’t usually something that comes to mind when speaking in terms of luxury but it’s sure in Dubai. As a means of wooing the tourists Dubai’s police force uses supercars as their patrol vehicles. This includes cars such as the ferrari F.F , that goes for around half a million dollars, the Lamborghini Aventador that goes for around $400,000 and my personal favorite an Aston Martin one-77 for the reasonable price of one point seven nine million dollars..Yes!! trust me..when I say this, nothing makes a man feel more like James Bond than flooring an Aston Martin one-77. Whoo.. makes me want to take mine out for a spin right now..
Anyway using these spectacular cars is just Dubai being Dubai. But hey Dubai is the 8th safest city in the world. So more power to them, this isn’t all due to the super cars. Of course the UAE in general has rather strict laws due to the Islamic constitutional monarchies that operate the Emirates government. Some Sharia laws exist in Dubai as well so if you’re on vacation with your missus, checking out the Bujji Police Force, make sure the two of you don’t get caught smooching. Because it might just get you deported. However due to the extremely high amount of tourism some places in Dubai are much more lenient. The serving of alcohol for instance would not be permitted in a traditional middle-eastern setting but it is in Dubai in specific institutions such as hotels and clubs. it is actually estimated that around 15% of Dubai’s population are Emiratis while the other 85% are from out of town about half of the population is composed of the workers building hundreds of skyscrapers which does make a little bit of sense considering the whole crane situation. Most of these workers are from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh which brings us to the more unfortunate side of Dubai.The class divide is quite big that many of the immigrant workers live and work in less than ideal conditions while Emiratis and the upper class foreigners have extremely attractive salaries. There really isn’t much of a middle ground between the class divide in dubai but just like any country divided, there’s always a sports to bring the people together well that’s the idea anyway and in this case this sport is camel racing.  It’s a bit of a sore subject for me ,considering back in 1996 I lost about 500,000 in a camel race to some Sheikh in Sharjah..ah. but that was a different time.
Camel racing in Dubai is almost equivalent to American football in the US and Dubai’s twist on the sport is that instead of children jockeys they’ve began to use robots. You see camel racing has a bit of a dark past it used to be the case that small children would be forced to ride the camels and that led to human trafficking. Unless progressed areas in the Middle East it still happens but in Dubai the children have been replaced with robots and believe it or not some of these little BOTS can cost up to ten thousand dollars. The camel that lost me that 500 grand was steered by a monkey ,let’s just move on from camel racing. In the future, Dubai has some rather insane plans in the works, Dubai is planning to build a completely climate-controlled area of the city that spans 4.3 miles. It was announced when Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum unveiled plans for the Mall of the world, a 48 million square foot mall of the world. This miniature city will have a retractable dome and will not only serve as a massive pedestrian mall but will contain hotels and apartments along with roads and parks. The massive structure will more than double the size of Monaco . The idea starts to make sense when you consider Dubai can reach temperatures of a hundred and fifteen degrees Fahrenheit regularly but the idea begins to make less sense again when you consider the cost. The cost has not yet been determined officially but estimates have been made in the tens of billions of dollars and keep in mind the price tag would be much higher if the workers were not dreadfully underpaid. The dome is planned to have a hundred hotels and service departments totaling 20,000 rooms. It seems an audacious architectural feat we’ve never known Dubai to aspire for anything less. Due to the speed at which Dubai has been growing we’ve never developed a standard address system, in fact until 2015 instead of an address line on a mailing label there was a space where residents could draw a map or write out specific instructions. Thankfully they have established ten digit numbers that serve as addresses and I’m sure it’s a whole lot easier to be a delivery driver in Dubai nowadays. So that’s Dubai for you .oh.. and I completely forgot one thing to tell you, the mega rich residents that live in Dubai don’t send an ounce of their paycheck to the government. In Dubai there is no income tax, yet another feature that makes Dubai one of the most attractive places to stay on the planet.  that’s all I’ve got for you today .
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