Ancient clamps of Advanced technology -OoPArts Exposed Globally?

The toppled obelisk of aksum within ethiopia is not only one of the largest ancient megaliths on our planet but indeed a rare surviving wonder of the ancient world .Estimated at well over 1 000 tons it was mysteriously toppled sometime in history .Destroyed like so many other enormous relics of a lost antiquity ,possibly during a cataclysmic event and its resulting earthquakes .Yet regardless this gigantic ancient monument was once quarried ,transported and then somehow erected at the foot of where it now lay. Among the many other smaller obelisks, all curiously still standing monuments. The site is in addition to the megalith covered in false windows now we feel a feature which can be used as overwhelming proof that the builders of said site were not only in contact intercontinental but in cooperation in regard to construction and stone cutting technologies.

Not only do the tunnel systems claimed as tombs within the aksum site, possess polygonal masonry an additional now lost technology yet also found intercontinentally within ancient sites around the globe. Furthermore however we can add another chapter to this proof of a once existing, now lost but once highly capable and thus highly advanced ancient world wide civilization, having once been responsible for the 1000 plus ton megalithic sites around the world.

metal clamps

Ancient High-Technologicals Clamps ~ OoPArts Exposed Globally? - YouTube
Metal clamp,Axum

Another subject we have covered comprehensively linking to many sites which according to modern paradigm were geographically impossible to have been in contact even during the dates they themselves pin on them. These metal clamp seats were initially cut into the huge stones at strategic positions then molten metal often enigmatic and advanced in metallurgy were poured into these cuts to pin the stones together thus preventing them from slipping over time and retaining their perfect alignment. How can we continue to believe that the evidence for our argument be ignored,dismissed as conspiracy.

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