A Breakthrough In Excavator Technology-CX Hybrid Excavator

The CX Hybrid Excavator is one of the most advanced concept in the field of excavator technology by Doosan Infracore.The most interesting feature of this new technologies are high efficiency,high safety and good usability.The required power for the operation of this machine is generated by a hybrid technology which will reduce fuel cost,emission and noise.

source/image(PrtSc): Doosan

The excavator is designed to work at any site at any level with energy efficiency and environment friendly.This excavator can give high performance even at severe working conditions.

The under carriage is designed with four swing arms to which an independent tracker assembly is attached by using an articulating joint.This system provides greater manoeuvrability and great stability even on the most uneven ground.The intelligent suspension system provides a vibration free smooth ride for the driver.

The driver cabin and counter weight of this excavator is adjustable.The cabin can be extended forward or backward to improve driver’s vision while the rear counter weight can be adjusted to maintain stability and for the ease of lifting operations.more info: doosanequipment



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