10 most beautiful places in Russia

We all know that Russia is the largest country in the world,but not everyone knows how many amazing and incredible places and natural wonders can be found on the open spaces of such a huge
country. Indeed many rare or almost no one ever come outside their city or region, but Russia is full of wonderful and beautiful places and our lifetime is not enough to visit all of them. But better to see at least part of all these wonders in this Article we look at 10 perhaps the most beautiful and amazing
natural wonders of Russia. Every resident should see at least one of them. Of course you can make your own list of places to visit, but in this Article 10 of such beauties,which everyone should at least know and I’m sure you haven’t even heard about half of them.

Elton Lake

Elton Lake Elton Lake is one of the most interesting natural wonder in the Volgograd region. It is a miracle of nature. Europe’s largest salt lake spread out among the flat steppe terrain on the area of 152 kilometers squared. Among the Volga desert steps, there is a huge bowl with Elton Lake with golden pink shade water fringed with wide strip of sparkling white salt crystals. It’s hard to find a place that could be compared with Oulton beauty and diversity of landscapes.Few fresh Springs and rivers with a bitter salty water fall into the lake Elton .The hot Sun evaporates the water leaving a salty sludge. Elton Lake seems to be the biggest and richest famous salt lake of all over the world .

Ordinskaya Cave

Ordinskaya Cave is the longest underwater gypsum cave in Russia and one of the longest in the world. This place is a real paradise for divers. It attracts lovers of cave diving not only from all over the world but also from other Russian regions and even from other countries. Ordinskaya cave is in

the left bank of the river Congo. although the cave is known for a long time, its study began only in 1990s .currently the length of surveyed cave passages is 4600 meters. The dry part of the cave takes
only 300 meters and more than 4,000 meters is underwater. The speller divers continue studying the
cave. Only experienced divers can visit the beautiful underwater cave .

Lena pillars

Lena pillars is 40 kilometres series of cliffs ,stretching along the right bank of the Lena River .The formation of Lena pillars began about four hundred thousand years ago. In fact these are steep cliffs which are based on limestone the length of the rock is more than 40 kilometres. It is the nature reserve of Akutan .Pillars are especially beautiful at sunrise. Mountain range resembles an ancient castle or a magical palace and the river serves as a mirror making the pillars twice bigger and majestic.

Valley Of Geyzers

Among the mountains of the eastern volcanic belt, at the height of more than 500 metres away, in the pool of noisy River is located, one of the wonders of Russia.Valley Of Geyzers is the cup of an ancient lake that, vanished centuries ago. There are more than 20 large gayzers each of these geyzers are unique and each of them has its own name and character.

Jack London Lake

Jack London Lake Jack London Lake in the Magadan region is one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in the Far East. Its length is 10 kilometres and the lake is in the mountains. It is never too warm even in summer. There are small glaciers in the mountains and on the lake .Several picturesque headlands jutting into the lake. Jack London Lake is one of the most beautiful and exotic lake in Far
East. Old people say that the lake got this name because of the unusual discovery of the pioneers. The researchers have found the book of Jack London’s Martin Eden.

Plateau of putoran

In the polar area of Krasnoyarsk territory Plateau of putoran is located.A truly fantastic and beautiful
creation of nature.The first thing that occurs when you get here a feeling of unreal environment .Hundreds of thousands of years ago there were the plateau of glaciers ,they descended down the valleys extending and deepening their way. In height of several hundred meters the long narrow lakes create the indelible impression. waterfalls of Bhutan rivers are the most powerful and highest and most beautiful in the country. A reporter’s compared plateau of putoran with a lost world of conan doyle. Tourists call it as the edge of 10,000 lakes and thousands of waterfalls.Also they make up the largest freshwater reservoir in siberia after baikal.

Mountain elbrus

Mountain of brus amazes imagination ,tempting the climbers gay lovers and fans of active leisure .It is actually a volcano, scientists call el bruce a stratovolcano. It means that from time to time from the conical crater flows thick lava.Which do not spread over long distances, because of its height and
solidify near the point of emission. That’s why a Brus is growing and is currently considered to be the highest mountain peak in Europe.There are two peaks of the volcano, one of them in the West has a height of five thousand six hundred and forty two meters and the other eastern 5621 meters. The two peaks are separated by a saddle having height of five thousand two hundred meters and the length of three kilometers.

Tzeyskoe Gorge

This is an amazing place that formed by Sasuke and Cal tariffs carriages with length of 23 kilometers .The nature here is so diverse that in 1967 it was decided to include the valley to the north Asian state reserve. Dense forests, high mountain peaks, waterfalls, hot flowing rivers, green meadows and pure mountain air is a paradise for tourists.Nowadays thousands of tourists visiting every year.

Altai mountains

first of all the Altai mountains are famous for their immense beauty and variety of landscapes .Steep cliffs are combined with picturesque forests and crystal clear mountain rivers in a unique harmony.Altai mountains really combine a variety of landscapes .Green meadows give way to steep cliffs. Forests are released by crystal-clear waters of the lakes .Talking about the unique beauty of these mountains can be infinitely long. The Altai mountains were a place of inspiration for many writers and poets and also Altai mountains appear in many creative works. The diversity of nature has left its mark on the culture and religion of the indigenous population of the territory.

Baikal Lake

Lake Baikal it is the deepest lake in the world. The world’s largest natural reservoir of fresh water .The Baikal Lake region is surrounded by high ridges on all sides. It is spread over six hundred and thirty six kilometer long and 80 kilometers wide, and the surface area is equal to the square areas of such countries as Belgium ,Netherlands or Denmark .There are 336 permanent rivers and streams falls in Baikal .The Selangor River brings the half volume of water by flowing into the lake. Only one river that flows out of the lake is Angora .In order to realize the enormity of Lake Baikal imagine that Angora would take 387 years of continuous work to drain it ,only of course that during this time the lake will not get any litres of water and not a drop to evaporate from the surface. Baikal is unique and surprising .It is unusually transparent pure and saturated with oxygen, it was considered to be curative,it can help treat the diseases.

Often this is only a small part of the huge natural wealth in Russia, there are also hundreds and thousands of wonderful and unforgettable places that you can visit.Hope you like the article.Thank you.

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